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Indian Pest Control Association

Objects of IPCA

  • To Protect and Promote Interests of Commercial Pest Control Operators
  • To Promote Scientific Growth of Pest Control Services, Technology and Quality Control
  • To Develop Technical Research in the Methods of Application of Pesticides and Associate Closely in the National Programme of Increasing Food Production and Maintenance of Clean Environment and Hygiene in the country
  • To promote Co-operation and Exchange of Information between its Members
  • To Promote Harmonious Relationship between all Members of the Association and their employees
  • To subscribe to become a member of or otherwise affiliate or co-operate with any other body in India or elsewhere with which the association has a common interest to establish, co-operate with, or, receive into the Association or otherwise assist any Association or, accept affiliation of any other Association having object similar to those of this Association
  • To keep Members Informed and to Promote their Common Interest in connection with Central, State or other Legislation pertaining to the Industry whether Enacted or Proposed
  • To consider questions connected with the Pest Control Service activities of its members and to ascertain the view of those engaged in such matters directly or indirectly affecting the industry
  • To enter, into arrangement with any Govt. or Authority, whether Supreme Municipal, local or otherwise that may seem conducive to the Association’s Objects and to obtain from any such authority all rights, concessions and privileges which the Association may consider it desirable to obtain, carry out, exercise and comply
  • From time-to-time, to raise money which may be required for the purpose of the Association
  • To carry out all other things incidental to and consequential upon the Lawful Attainment of the Objects of the Association