The Membership shall observe the following Code of Ethics :

  1. Relation of Members to the Public
    The Members, in their advertisements or other solicitations of business shall not use tricky, fraudulent or misleading working or methods.
  2. Relation of Members to the Client
    The members shall thoroughly analyse the requirements of their clients and shall conscientiously recommend the means best suited for the client’s needs.
  3. Professional Services
    The Members, upon accepting a contract or service agreement, shall render skilled, intelligent and conscientious service.
  4. Relation of Members to Competitors
    The Members shall not publicly criticize the business or private affairs of a competitor. Unhealthy practices, if any, may be brought to the attention of IPCA.
  5. Relation of Members to IPCA
    The Members shall be loyal to the principles of IPCA and active in their advancement.