Become a member of India’s premium trade association for pest management industry

IPCA is the apex body of Industry Professionals from across the country. It has more than 200 members and the list is steadily growing. IPCA provides pest management professionals with a powerful forum to represent the industry with policy making and regulatory authorities, besides being a common platform to exchange ideas, views and latest local and global developments in the field.

It also regularly interacts with manufacturers and suppliers of products and equipment and researchers and professionals related to various aspects of the industry, to derive the best value for its members and also holds regular Zonal Workshops and meetings in addition to the Annual Convention.


  • A Degree in Science from a recognized college or university and training in Entomology or other Sciences principally related to the practices of pest control from a Government Recognised Institution i.e. CFTRI – Mysore, NIPHM – Hyderabad, IGMRI – Hapur.
  • One year practical experience as a proprietor, partner/director of the firm or company or having in its employment, a person with a Degree in Science from a recognised college or university and training in entomology or other sciences principally related to the practices of Pest Control, from a Government-recognised Institution as referred above.
  • One year’s practical experience with the same firm or company and always have such a person with them to retain active membership.
  • Should hold a valid licence under applicable laws for undertaking commercial pest control operations.
  • Submit an affidavit / undertaking of having fulfilled the membership requirements of the Association by complying with clause 5.1(a) and 5.2(b) of the Constitution.


Entrance Fee10,000.007,000.00500.00
Annual Fee6,000.005,000.00250.00

Goods and Services Tax (GST) @ 18% is applicable on above fees.


Please note, offline form (paper form) for IPCA Membership is no more valid. It is mandatory to apply online for all membership types. All necessary information and documents are required to be submitted/uploaded at IPCA website.

NOTE: If you have already applied for membership or your membership has been rejected by IPCA, you cannot re-apply through IPCA Membership Portal. The portal will check for duplicate records of your Company Name, Email address and Mobile Number. Both email address and Mobile numbers cannot be used again if already registered with us. If your company name is identical to an existing member firm, you will be required to get NOC from the existing member.

  1. Applicants must register at IPCA and create their Applicant Account. Then fill up the ONLINE APPLICATION FORM and UPLOAD MANDATORY DOCUMENTS under the same account. (Detailed instructions available after registration).
  2. Following documents are required:
    1. Profile Pic (Passport size photo scan of the Applicant/ Proprietor)
    2. Copy of – Proof of Insecticides License
    3. Copy of – Bank Passbook
    4. Copy of – Work order of some Govt. Agency
    5. Copy of – Academic Certificate
    6. Copy of – Technical Certificate
    7. Copy of – Appointment letter of the Technical Person (in case of employee only)
    8. Declaration (Format available after registration)
    9. Affidavit (Format available after registration)
    10. NOC
  3. You will receive Email and SMS notifications on every step of your application process.
  4. Each Applicant should be sponsored by TWO IPCA Members who have been in the pest control business for at least two years and who do not have any dues pending and at least one of them should be from your zone.
  5. After completed application form and other documents is received by IPCA office, verification shall be carried out by nominated member/s, who will return the verification form to IPCA office.
  6. Subsequent to successful verification, applications will be put up in the Managing Committee meeting for final approval.
  7. If admitted to membership, you will receive confirmation Email from IPCA.
  8. Proceed for payment as instructed.
  9. On completion of all of above, you become become a MEMBER of IPCA- India’s premium trade association for pest management industry.