54th IPCA Annual Convention

07 - 08 November 2021 - Hotel Novotel, Visakhapatnam

India Pest 2021

It gives us great pleasure to inform you that the 54th IPCA Annual Convention is being held on 07th & 08th November, 2021 at Hotel Novotel, Visakhapatnam.

As you are aware, IPCA Annual Conventions is a unique opportunity for representatives and professionals from the Professional Pest Management Industry to gather and interact on various issues. Needless to say, IPCA’s Annual Convention is the most looked out for and most talked about Convention each year.

This year’s Convention promises to be nothing but the best, with renowned speakers, experts and professionals from India and abroad gracing the occasion, together with senior officials and dignitaries from various government departments.

Detailed information of the convention along with the Convention registration form, the Hotel accommodation booking form and payment details are available in the brochure below. Kindly download the same to proceed with the registration.