22-24 September 2011, The Zuri White Sands Resort, Varca, Goa

IPCA proudly hosted the 23rd FAOPMA Annual Convention & Exhibition 2011, the third such occasion after successfully doing so, in 1994 and 2004. This is the biggest professional pest management event in Asia and was held concurrently with its 44th Annual Convention & Exhibition, at the Zuri White Sands Resort, Goa, from 22-24 September 2011. Last year’s event FAOPMA 2010 was held at Manila, Philippines and the next year FAOPMA 2012, will be held at Adelaide, Australia.

Pest management services are a necessity in homes, offices, schools, hotels, hospitals, factories, restaurants, etc. today. Certification according to the latest international standards for food safety & hygiene are not possible without the highest standards of pest management. Apart from exports, the domestic market as well, demands service in accordance with more stringent regulations on safety and least environmental impact. This changing scenario, with high importance being given to environmental safety, places an even greater responsibility on professional pest managers today : they need to adhere even more closely to the principles of Integrated Pest Management (IPM). The theme, therefore, for the convention was : “True IPM For A Greener Environment”.

The 23rd FAOPMA Convention was attended by close to 500 delegates from India as well as foreign participants from China, South Korea, Hong Kong-SAR, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, The Philippines, Portugal, Poland, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, Israel, UK, USA, Australia, UAE, Oman, Qatar and Sri Lanka. The profile of participants was from the top Indian and international pest management service and product supply companies – top/medium level management of product companies, managers/owners of service companies, industry experts, professionals, academicians and Govt. dignitaries.

Pest Management techniques and trends are changing across the world and IPCA is the primary catalyst to bring in these world-class technologies for the benefit of the Indian consumer. The technical presentations by various speakers from across the world provided a glimpse into these new trends and technologies, some of which are already in use here. A concurrent exhibition was also being organized on all three days, in which 26 partner organisations from the pesticides and pest management related trade from both India and abroad, displayed their products and equipment.

Day 01, 22 September 2011, saw the inauguration of the exhibition by Guest of Honour, Dr. V.K. Yadava, Plant Protection Advisor, DPPQ&S, Ministry of Agriculture, Govt. of India. He was accompanied to various exhibitor stalls by senior members of the Association and thereafter, everyone assembled at the main convention hall for the Inaugural Night. After the National Anthem, there was a stunning performance from the renowned Prince Dance Group, with their patriotic “Sare Jahan Se Accha”. All dignitaries were then welcomed on stage. Nikhil Chatterjee – Convenor FAOPMA 2011 welcomed all present and made a tribute to Late Mr. Sunil Surkund, President FAOPMA, dedicating the convention to his memory. He then called upon Suni’s wife, Smita Surkund to present her a momento as a token of remembrance and Sunil’s immense contribution to the pest management industry worldwide, by the Chief Guest, Dr. K. Satyagopal, DG, National Institute of Plant Health Management (NIPHM), Hyderabad, Ministry of Agriculture, Govt. of India.

Dr. Motokazo Hirao, of the Hirao Biological Institute and Past President of FAOPMA, Japan then made a presentation on Positive Activities of Pest Control after the Big Tsunami Disaster in Japan, highlighting how the pest control fraternity in Japan came together after the earthquake and tsunami disaster in Japan and its exemplary contributions towards the stricken nation’s rebuilding process in the aftermath. In a symbolic gesture, showing the way from darkness to light, dignitaries on stage were invited to light the lamp in the traditional way. Thereafter, Chief Guest, Dr. Satyagopal symbolically struck the gong and declared the convention open. Udayan Ghosh, President IPCA addressed the gathering and also requested Chief Guest to release the IPCA Technicians’ Manual. Thereafter, Guest of Honour, Dr. V.K. Yadava, addressed the gathering. The Chief Guest, Dr. K. Satyagopal then made the inaugural address. After this, there was another performance from the Prince Dance Group after which the gathering dispersed for cocktails and dinner.

Day 02, 23 September 2011 : The opening Common Session I, saw presentations from Mr. Anil S. Rao – CMD & CEO of Pest Control (India) Pvt. Ltd., setting the theme, followed by Mr. Kelvin B. Lawrie from Rentokil Asia, who spoke on challenges and opportunities in IPM. The last presentation in this session came from Mr. Ronen Amichai from Datafield Israel, on use of technology in IPM. Common Session II, opening with Sponsor Showcase from Pest Control India Pvt. Ltd. the main sponsor. Thereafter, Dr. A.M.K. Mohan Rao, Jt. Director – VPM, NIPHM, made a presentation on the capacity building programme for the industry, which was followed by Prof. Chow-Yang Lee from Universiti Sains, Malaysia with international cockroach update, with the last presentation being on a novel sprayable capsulated technology for cockroach control from Mr. David Liszka from ICB Pharma, Poland.

The post-lunch sessions were in the break-away format. Session III-A was on fumigation, with presentations on fumigation update, on ISPM and Methyl Bromide from Mr. Jayant Dandawate from Pest Control (India) Pvt. Ltd., and Dr. D.D.K. Sharma, Jt. Director PQ, DPP&S, GoI. Thereafter, Dr. P.S. Chandurkar, Consultant to GoI, made a presentation on duties and responsibilities of pest control operators, followed by the last presentation on a green solution for grain storage from Mr. Awinash Wagh of GrainPro Inc. The concurrent session III-B was on mosquito management with the first presentation from Mr. Carl Baptista from Origin Exterminators, Singapore, who spoke on tropical mosquito management in an urban setting, which was followed by a presentation on eco-friendly management techniques for vector control by Mr. Joerg Heckel from Igeba Gerataebau, Germany.

Break-away session IV-A focused on bed bug management, a worldwide update by Mr. Clive Boase of the Pest Management Consultancy, UK, followed by a presentation on ants as pests : what we lack in management, by Dr. Himender Bharti of Punjabi University, Patiala. The concurrent session IV-B on rodents saw presentations on integrated rodent management in an urban setting by Mr. L.P. Naik and technical, preventive and control aspects by Dr. A.M.K. Mohan Rao, Jt. Director – VPM, NIPHM.

Day 03, 24 September 2011, commenced with the common session V, with sponsor showcase presentations from Bayer CropScience India, Ensystex Australasia and BASF India. Thereafter the break-away sessions VI-A on termites and VI-B on food safety and IPM commenced. Session VI-A saw Mr. Steve Broadbent from Ensystex Australasia talking on termite biology – insights from molecular biology, Dr. Albert Everson from BASF Germany speaking on new termite control technologies and Mr. Peter Baldwin from Termatrac Australia speaking on modern tools for termite inspection in inaccessible areas. Session VI-B saw presentations from Mr. Bill Simos from HACCP International speaking on food safety and the Asian pest control operator, Mr. Robert Kunst from Fisher Environmental USA speaking on IPM in healthcare and Mr. David Poling from BASF Germany speaking on integrated fly management in food safety.

The evening saw everyone gathering for the Gala Night function. Mr. Nikhil Chatterjee, Convenor, gave a vote of thanks, after which partnership plaques were given by Mr. Udayan Ghosh, President IPCA, Mr. Ravinder Ahuja Chairman Organising Committee and Mr. Nikhil Chatterjee, to sponsors and exhibitors in appreciation of their support for the event. In accordance with FAOPMA tradition, the FAOPMA Flag and Hammer were handed over to Mr David Gay, of AEPMA, the hosts of next year’s event. Mr. Gay then made a invitation presentation of FAOPMA 2012, after which Mr. Udayan Ghosh formally declared the convention closed. Mr Nikhil Chatterjee then invited all organizing committee members on stage in recognition of their hard work and commitment in making this event a huge success. Ms. Abhinanda Sarkar and her group then performed some Bollywood chartbusters which set the tone for a grand night of music and dance.